14th Street, “Little Spain”

The Spanish neighborhood in New York.
The food shop “Casa Moneo” in 210 West 14th Street owned by Carmen Barañano (from the Basque Country), was one of the emblematic establishments of the Spanish neighborhood in New York (photo from https://www.newyorkalmanack.com/2014/12/little-spain-manhattans-little-known-enclave/)

14th street was known as “Little Spain” until the 90s, historically the area with the largest Spanish presence in New York City, and with an important Galician representation both in the community and in the shops and businesses run by migrants from Spain. In O Grove (Galicia), Castelao Street (rúa Castelao) is popularly known as “A Catorse” (The Fourteenth) as it was the name that the Galician migrants gave to the main street of their town when they returned. Some of them established businesses in Little Spain, such as the O Grove Barber Shop. (Sources: documentary Little Spain (2014) by Artur Balder; press article “Unha Catorse entre O Grove e Nova York”).