Unión Cultural Bueu, Beluso y sus contornos

Society founded in 1929 in New York.
Stamp of the society Bueu, Beluso y sus contornos in New York (1929) (Arquivo Municipal de Bueu)

Society founded on January 6, 1929, with buildings in 74th Roosevelt Street and later 19th Cherry Street (New York). Its aim was improving education in Bueu and Beluso by building new schools. It also supported the founding of the farmers’ society ‘El Progreso’. The society ceased its activities in 1934. In the same year, A Casa do Pobo was built.

Among the founding members of New York society was José Novas García, who emigrated from Beluso to the United States in 1914 at the age of 17, and also contributed to the expansion of the Casa do Pobo’s library by bringing books and socialist publications on his visits to his hometown. His son José Novas Regueira was a successful publicist and businessman in the United States and founder of the Novas Foundation in Beluso (Sources: Arquivo Municipal de Bueu, manuscript “El hijo de un emigrante” by José Novas Regueiro, e “Unha achega á emigración galega a Nova York” (2008) by Nancy Pérez Rey).