Santamarina, Leonardo

A Fonsagarada, Lugo, ? – New Jersey, 1986. Exile and professor.
(Memorias de Casa Galicia, 1966-67)
(A Fonsagarada, Lugo, ? – New Jersey, Estados Unidos, 1986). Pedagogy student in Madrid and teacher.

During the Spanish Civil War he enrolled in the Military Training School, becoming an artillery officer and acting on the fronts of the center of the country. From Barcelona he crossed the border into France, and he was interned in the Argelès sur Mer refugee camp, from where he was taken by a relative to be transferred to Cuba. In Havana he received his doctorate in Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. He later moved to the United States to teach Language and Literature at Rutgers University, in New Jersey. He became Head of the Department of Romance Languages at Douglas Women’s College of the same University. He collaborated with and was a member of the Casa Galicia of Unidad Gallega in New York.

(Information taken directly from the “Repertorio biobibliográfico do exilio galego”, Consello da Cultura Galega).