Rodríguez Fer, Claudio

Lugo, 1956 – Writer and academic.
In the poetic tribute to Rosalia de Castro held at La Nacional in NY, 2013 (photograph provided by Francisco Álvarez)

The writer and scholar Claudio Rodríguez Fer has a long-standing relationship with New York. He worked as visiting professor at City University of New York in 1992, and has returned since then on several occasions to participate in poetry readings. Such relationship has been reflected in his literary work, and as the poet himself explained in “Recital Poeta galego en Nueva York” (2009), in texts such as “Mannahatta” included in A unha muller descoñecida (1997), some of the poems of Extrema Europa (1996), and in the poem Rosalia’s Revolution in New York (Revolución rosaliana en Nova York) presented at the 150th anniversary of the publication of Rosalía de Castro’s Cantares Gallegos (1863), which was organised by the Colectivo Celso Emilio Ferreiro in New York in 2013. This city has also appeared in his narrative work, in the short stories “A fera fráxil” and “A muller loba”, which are gathered in the section entitled “Belas e Bestas” from the volume Os paraísos eróticos (2010). New York has also been the theme of a series of photographs by Rodríguez Fer, entitled ‘Love & Liberty’ (2013) and published in the journal Unión Libre. Cadernos de vida e culturas, which he co-edits (Source: David Miranda-Barreiro, A Galician Werewolf in New York: Emigration and Transgressive Femininity in Claudio Rodríguez Fer’s “A muller loba” (2017)).