Rodríguez Barbeito, Andrés

Journalist and diplomat exiled in New York and Argentina. His family moved to Madrid when he was a child. In this city he worked as a journalist before starting his exile. He was a socialist. In addition to being a staunch advocate of the Republican cause, he served in various public offices and for this reason, had to go into exile to New York. There he continued collaborating with diverse publications such as the newspaper España Republicana published by the Spanish exiles of Buenos Aires as well as in the newspaper of the Spanish antifascists of New York España Libre. He also collaborated with the radio broadcasts Voz de América. In several South American countries, such as Chile, he had radio programs in which he spoke about Spain. He was also consul in Brazil. In 1953 he decided to settle with his wife in Buenos Aires, where he had family and friends.

(Information directly taken from the “Repertorio biobibliográfico do exilio galego”, Consello da Cultura Galega).