Novas García, José

Bueu, Pontevedra. Exile.

Socialist exile and founding member of the Sociedad de Bueu, Beluso y sus contornos in New York. Father of José Novas Regueira. He was a member of the “Sociedad de Agricultores El Progreso” in Beluso and helped create its library. After emigrating to New York, and being later followed by his wife and son, the family returned to Galicia in 1931. In 1936, after the fascist uprising, they managed to escape thanks to the American nationality that José Novas father had achieved in 1928, which allowed them to leave Galicia on a transatlantic ship to New York (Sources: Consello da Cultura Galega, “Repertorio biobibliográfico do exilio galego”; unpublished manuscript “El hijo de un emigrante” de José Novas).