Lado, Robert

Born in the US, son of a Galician exile.

Emilio González López says about him: “some of them [the exiles] were born in the United States and as children had been brought to Galicia during the Second Republic by their parents. This is the case of Robert Lado, whom his father brought to Cee, where his uncle Pancho Canosa was a Republican mayor. There he studied high school at the Instituto Fernando Blanco. Back in the US, he worked as an English teacher, director of the Institute of English for Foreigners at George Washington University in the US capital. There were many like the father of Robert Lado, who left Galicia at the start of the Spanish Civil War and returned to the American continent. In the United States they were a very important group” (Castelao, propagandista da República en Norteamérica (2000), pp. 36-37).