La Voz

Anti-fascist newspaper published in New York and directed by a Galician from Vigo.
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Pro Republican Spanish newspaper published in New York, and directed by Ceferino Barbazán (from Vigo). The first issue appeared on July 19, 1937. The newspaper’s motto was: ‘For social justice. For democracy. Against tyranny and fascism’. It gave great visibility to Castelao, publishing articles on his work and Galicianist ideas, as well as texts written by him. It also followed Castelao’s tour across the United States, reproducing excerpts of some of his speeches. Members of the Frente Popular Antifascista Gallego, such as its secretary of propaganda Víctor Fernández, also published in La Voz (Sources: Emilio González López, Castelao, propagandista da República en Norteamérica (2000); digital project by Ana María Díaz-Marcos).

Press clipping (24/08/1938) gathered by Emilio González López and Amado Rincón