Fernández Vázquez, Marcial

Ferrol, 1898 – Veracruz, 1963. Politician.

Member of the PSOE and UGT, and founder of the Ferrol socialist newspaper El Obrero. He fled to Barcelona at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War to join the Republican side. At the end of the war, he went to France and there he embarked with Ramón Suárez Picallo on the ship Queen Mary to New York, where they arrived on March 29, 1939. He was invited by Ramón Mosteiro to speak with Ramón Suárez Picallo in favor of the activities of the Frente Popular Antifascista Gallego, in New York and throughout the United States. The young Galician José Lores (from Lérez) was their driver. He left for Mexico in 1942, where he would spend the rest of his exile (Sources: Lois Pérez Leira, Ramón Suárez Picallo, o primeiro deputado da emigración; “Cátedra del exilio”).