Fernández-España y Fernández-Latorre, María Victoria (María Victoria Armesto)

A Coruña, 1925 – Madrid, 1999. Journalist, writer and politician.
(Photograph from http://www.victoriaarmesto.es/)

As a journalist he wrote for La Voz de Galicia. After marrying the also journalist Felipe Fernandez Armesto (Augusto Assía) in 1950, they left for the United States, where they stayed until 1955, first in New York and later in Washington. María Victoria wrote chronicles from this country for La Voz de Galicia and published the short novel Historias de Nueva York (1955). She also wrote in favour or Galician language and culture and was awarded the Pedrón de Ouro in 1970 and the Medalla Castelao in 1977. She was congresswoman for Alianza Popular (Source: http://www.victoriaarmesto.es/).