Cherry Street and Water Street

New York neighborhoods were Galician migrants settled.
Old neighbourhood of Cherry Street in New York (1932). It as demolished in 1952 (Arquivo Municipal de Bergondo)

According to documentation found in the Municipal Archive of Bergondo, Cherry Street was one of the locations in New York City where a significant number of Galicians settled in the first decades of the twentieth century. This and other nearby streets such as street James Street were the location of several Galician societies such as Sociedad Cultural Gallega, Sada y sus contornos, Bergondo y sus contornos, UniĆ³n Cultural Bueu, Beluso y sus contornos and Socorros mutuos muradanos. It was close to the port and to Water Street, an area where Galician migrants also settled during the same period. Between the late forties and early fifties, the neighborhood was demolished to build houses of higher quality, which meant the dispersion of the Galician community that had settled there (Source: Bergondo Municipal Archive).