Delphic Studios

New York art gallery where Castelao exhibited his Spanish Civil War drawings.
Announcement of an exhibition by Castelao in Delphic Studios, New York (1938) (in Castelao, a UPG e outras memorias by Luis Soto, 1983)

Gallery where the North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, the Medical Bureau and the Sociedades Hispanas Confederadas organized an exhibition of Castelao’s civil war drawings during his stay in New York City, from October 24 to November 6, 1938. It included a copy of the album Nós and the originals of Galicia Mártir, Atila en Galicia and Milicianos. The Sociedades Hispanas Confederadas printed 11,000 copies of Galicia Mártir to gather economic support for Spain. They were also published in the newspaper Frente Popular (Sources: Luís Soto, Castelao, a UPG e outras memorias (1983) ; Worldcat; Miguel Anxo Seixas Seoane, Castelao. Construtor da nación, volume II (1931-1939) (2020); Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Digital Collections).